Kenna Sneed (Agent KJ) got called into ministry long before she got credentialed, her whole life has prepared her for ministry. She led over 30 people to the Lord before she ever got churched. Kenna’s heart is EVAGALISM; she is an AGENT OF SPIRITUAL CHANGE and is from the Kingdom of God, she is a little weird! Kenna has a heart for uniting the body of Christ and to teach them how to evangelize.  Kenna is also credentialed with the church of God. She is the secretary of her local church and also assistant pastor. Women cannot be bishops in the Church of God and Kenna is ok with that, the Men are God’s appointed ones to lead his body and protect us. Kenna also came from an abusive childhood, had many drug addictions and is recovered from PTSD, anger, bitterness and resentment. Kenna is broken but each day she takes one step closer to God.